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Tubing Packer

Tubing Packer

Tubing Packer introduction

1. Tubing Packer Application
This is a mechanical slip packer,which is used iin many different contructions,such as oil extraction by layer,water injection,water exploration,plugging,squeezing,acidification,fracturing and so on.

2. Tubing Packer Structure and Principle
It consist of hydraulic anchor,rubber barrel.cone.slip,spiral up,friction block,central pipe,lower joint and so on. Mechanical slip packer is supported byunidirectional slip.It"s set by pulliing,turning and lowering.It"s released by pulling the column.

3. Tubing Packer Characteristics
1) The rubber barrel is above the slip in order to avoid covering by sand.
2) Simple structure and easy to operate.