Polished Rod BOP

Polished Rod BOP

Polished Rod BOP introduction

Polished sucker rod BOP is designed for sealing of sucker -rod pump polished rod, wellhead sealing while stuffing box replacing, and for other repair work. Especially for well flooding or other natural disasters, sucker rod BOP can act for continuous well shutdown to avoid environmental pollution.

Main pressure of sucker rod BOP is 1500-3000PSI.

Polished Rod BOP
1. Size: 2 7/8"
2. Pressure: 2000 PSI, 3000PSI
3. Use for 1 1/4" rod
Polished Rod Stuffing Box
The Sucker Rod Blowout Preventer is used to prevent oil and gas from leaking, and ensure washing wells and etc. 

Technical Specification:
1. PR1, PSL1-3, TEMP: PU, AA-FF
2. Connection: welding, thread.
3. According to API 16A specification